Monday, April 2, 2018

What about Sam's Not Wanting Jason to be a Part of Sonny's World?

Seriously, what the heck happened to all of that?
A very young Steve Burton
Jason is never going to give up his role as Sonny's hit man.  Just 6 months ago Sam was going through something where she tried to kill Sonny.  

Was it just the Disease?
Was it just the disease that was affecting Sam's thought processes or was that how she really felt deep down inside.  Even after she got better, she still didn't want Jason/Drew to be Sonny's hit man any longer.  

Steve Burton makes all the difference?
More young Steve Burton's 
So is it just that because Steve Burton is back as Jason that we should all believe that it doesn't matter to Sam if her young children might be in danger.  Does it not matter that Danny might lose his father again because of his criminal profession.  

Let's not forget, Jason is a criminal
We know the writers have everyone beleiving that Jason is a good guy but people, he has supposedly killed people on Sonny's orders.  That makes him a killer, a criminal and not somebody that should be raising kids.  Quite frankly, how dare he talk to Franco about anything Franco has done in the past when he had a brain tumor.  

Maybe the brain damage allows him to live this way?
Faison kidnapped Drew because he couldn't use Jason because Jason was brain damaged.  Will it be discovered that Jason only lives the life he lives because of that brain damage?  After all Alan had wanted his son to be a doctor and Jason wanted to be a doctor before the horrible accident caused by AJ that damaged his brain.  

What are your thoughts on this?

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