Saturday, March 24, 2018

Young and Restless Cliffhangers: Couples in love, Crisis and who's Jack's Daddy?

What fabulous cliffhangers Young and Restless dropped on Friday
The last week had Y&R dropping several bombshells and they continue to deal with some real life issues.  Let's start with couples in crisis or couples coupling once again.  Let's start with:

Nick and Sharon together again!
Sharon and Nick have found their way back to one another again. Is Sharon better equipped this time to deal with the Newman's because when you are with Nick, you get his whole family?  Let's Get Soapy is happy to see these soulmates back together. Let's face it, they are never really happy with anyone else. 

JT strangles Victoria and then proposes to her
The writers are taking on the issue of domestic violence and they are doing it with real life married couple Thad Luckinbill and Amelia Heinle.  This couple must have discussed this in a big way before agreeing to do this.  

Domestic violence is filled with anger, passion and confusion.  It takes a lot of energy to do these scenes.  They must have decided the cost was worth it in bringing the issue of domestic violence to the viewers.  

Who is Jack's Daddy?
That whole clause in the Jabot paperwork will come back to haunt Jack when it turns out that Tracy and Billy are John Abbott's only children.  How much do you want to bet that Victor and Dina slept together when Dina was a hot young housewife?  How much do you want to bet that Jackie is Victor's son?  Also, how much do you want to bet that Jack gets accused of hurting Victor?  

Facing Cancer Together

A couple’s valiant fight against Cancer continues. They wrote and performed above:  Read their blog here:


Karen McDougal claims she and Trump were in love

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