Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Would EJ returning to Salem be a good thing for his brothers Stefan & Chad?

How many fans would like to see the return of EJ?   

Kirsten and EJ
DiMera's seem to be coming and going from Salem but is it time for EJ to return and take over the family business?  Is EJ the oldest living DiMera, son of Stefano?

Both Chad and Stefan are living in the DiMera mansion being in love with the same women. Ironically, EJ also had an affair with Abigail.  Wouldn't it just rock all their worlds if EJ came back? 

When Sammy left Salem, she had just gotten a phone call. We also know that Kristen DiMera was talking to herself about EJ being alive.  We know when EJ was in the morgue, Kristen showed up and stuck a needle in her brother. 

That has left the door wide open for EJ to return.  The only question here is will James Scott return as EJ or will they recast that character?  Would Days viewers accept an EJ replacement?  James was always a fan favorite but has his long absence been enough for fans of the show to accept a new comer in this role? 

Let us know how you feel about the possibility of EJ returning and should Sami (Alison Sweeney) come back with him?  

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