Saturday, February 3, 2018

Is Henrich Anna & Faison's son or is it someone else?

Is the reason Anna is being so protective of Heinrich because he may be her son?  Was this child conceived in 1990? Or could it be that this child was conceived back in the late 1970's when Anna was working as a double agent with Faison as her partner?  Anna has such a dark treasonous past.  

At one time, for a short period of time, Anna, Faison and Robin were a family.
As things come full circle in Anna's life, will Robin discover she has more siblings than she ever imagined? Does Robert have some long lost kids that might surface in the near future as well?  Below are some clips from episodes in the 1990's where the fact that Anna and Faison already knew each other for 13 years comes to light.  It seems that Faison actually knew Anna was she was still a girl.  

Do General Hospital viewers have any idea of just how many times Faison has come in and out of Anna's life?

In fact, Anna and Faison were partners in the DVX.  Anna was a double agent. Her time with Faison and her time with Valentine cross over and coincide.  

Anna had left Robin with other people to raise when she was a baby.  Now it would seem Anna did that more than once, hell, she may have even done it 3 times.  The General Hospital writers can have a blast with this one.  

Do the viewers believe that Henrich is Anna and Ceasar Faison's son?  


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