Saturday, August 5, 2017

General Hospital: Will Sonny be able to forgive Sam for what she did to him?

General Hospital:  Will Sonny be able to forgive Sam for what she did to him?

Sam kicking Sonny into the hole!!
What do the viewers think?  Will Sonny be able to forgive Sam for shooting him and kicking him into that hole?  

Can he trust her?
Even if he can somehow forgive her, can he ever trust her again?  Now he knows that somewhere deep down inside, Sam really does not like or trust him to not cause harm to her family. 

Will this episode cause permanent damage?

She really wanted him dead!
Is it possible that this episode will cause permanent damage between the relationship between Sonny and Jason?  How do you ever forget that your best friends wife wanted you dead?  We all know that there was a parasite effecting her brain but does that mean that she harbors no ill feelings toward Sonny?  We think not!!  

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