Thursday, July 13, 2017

General Hospital kills off Lee Baldwin off screen and brings back a beloved character

General Hospital kills off Lee Baldwin off screen and brings back a beloved character 

Serena is back and all grown up
Serena is back and all grown up.  Carly Schroeder reprises her role as Serena Baldwin today on General Hospital.  Also, on General Hospital Scotty learned that his father Lee Baldwin died suddenly.  He does not reaction well to the news.  Lucy sticks around to take care of him.  At the end of today's episode, their daughter Serena comes back to Port Charles to be with her Dad.  Is Scotty going to be able to get through the death of his father without becoming an alcoholic?  Will the death of Lee Baldwin reunite the family of Scotty, Lucy and Serena?   

Josslyn's boyfriend Oscar 

Josslyn & Oscar
Oscar is one brave little dude standing up to Sonny when he thought he was a pervert.  Now Sonny thinks the boy shows good character when Carly thinks he is a bad influence.  They really are very cute together and he is helping keep Joss sane right now.  Will this summer love turn into all kinds of drama for Carly, Sonny and more.  Is getting the deportation of Jax nullified enough to mend fences between Joss and Sonny? 


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