Thursday, June 8, 2017

General Hospital: Is there anything sexier than hunk with baby and what is wrong with Sam?

Is there anything sexier than a man with a baby?
Julian and his grand daughter
Seriously, is there anything sexier than a good looking muscle bound man holding and cuddling a baby?  What is it about that vision that really gets to you?  A few days ago General Hospital treated the viewers to Julian meeting his granddaughter for the first time.  
How SEXY is this?  
The scene was adorable and Julian was oh so sexy.  They talk about sexy grandmothers but Let's Get Soapy wants to make it clear that Julian is one sexy Grandpa.  

What is going on with Sam?

Sam can't through a massage
For months now Sam has been acting out of sorts.  She has been short tempered and unforgiving.  This new attitude was happening even before she gave birth.  It has only gotten worse since she then.  She seems heartless when it come to Julian and Franco.  Where everyone else has forgiven them, Sam won't budge an inch for either one.  Now she is hearing things and confusing the names of her children.  Is this more than pregnancy hormones and post par-tum depression? 

Is Sam suffering from neurological condition

While Sam started out with just having a change in personality, she is now hearing voices in her head. Does this mean that Sam may have a brain tumor?


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