Friday, April 28, 2017

Look what General Hospital actor has shown up on the Salem landscape as Days of our Lives latest bad guy

Look what General Hospital actor has shown up on the Salem landscape as Days of our Lives latest bad guy 

Drug dealer and PIMP - Snake 
This guy may look familiar to many General Hospital fans because he was a regular fixture with recurring status for many years.  Yes, Blake Gibbons who played Coleman Ratcliffe, former owner of the Jakes/The Floating Rib is now on Days of our Lives.  

Jakes-The Floating Rib
Fans may remember when Luke Spencer paid Coleman to change the name of Jakes because at the time, he thought he had run over and killed his grandson whose name was Jake. He couldn't stand to the precious little boy's name in blinking lights.  Coleman obliged and changed the name to The Floating Rib.  A few years ago Mac Scorpio bought The Floating Rib from Coleman. 

Drug Dealer on Days of our Lives
This week Blake Gibbons made his debut as the newest bad guy in Salem.  They are calling him Snake.  We don't know much more about him other than it looks like he is a drug dealer and a pimp.

Lonnie ends up on Park Bench
Lonnie the cop finds herself on a park bench 
Lonnie the female cop and Abe's daughter ends up a little beat up after being drugged by Snake.  Will he be a short timer or will this part expand into something much bigger for SNAKE on Days of Our Lives? He has always been on of those underrated actors who deserved a much bigger role.  


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