Monday, April 3, 2017

Jason Thompson has made the role of Billy Abbott on Young and Restless his own

Jason Thompson has made the role of Billy Abbott on Young and Restless his own

Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott on Young and Restless
Jason Thompson took over the role of Billy Abbott formerly portrayed by Billy Miller.  His first air date on Young and Restless was January 10, 2016.  

Jason Thompson on General Hospital

Jason Thompson 
Jason Thompson's last air date as Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital was January 27, 2016.  Patrick was married to long time fan favorite Robin Scorpio played by Kimberly McCullough. They had a baby against all odds named Emma on the show.  They wrote Patrick, Robin and Emma off by having them move from Port Charles to California.  

They have brought Robin and Emma back several times over the last year.  They have currently written in the real life pregnancy of Kimberly McCullough.  It remains to be seen if they will recast the role of Dr. Patrick Drake or will Thompson be able to split his time between 2 soaps as several other actors have done?

Hard to make everybody happy

It can be very difficult to be a much loved character on a soap and leave.  It can be even more difficult to attempt to fill the shoes of another much loved character.  The character of Billy Abbott was much loved.  After 1 year and a few month's Let's Get Soapy can confirm that Jason Thompson has done it.  

He has made the role of Billy Abbott his own.  At this point it is even hard to remember that he wasn't always Billy Abbott.  Kudos to Jason Thompson for succeeding where many have not.   

Do you agree that Jason Thompson has made the role of Billy Abbott his own?  Comment below.  

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