Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do the viewers want to see Chad and Abigail together forever?

Do the viewers want to see Chad and Abigail together forever?

Chad has Gabi on his mind!!
So how do the viewers feel about the upcoming vow renewal of Chad and Abigail?  Do you think it is a farce?  Do you think that there is anyway to save this marriage?

Should Claire and Theo go all the way?
Should Theo & Claire stop before its too late?
How are the viewers feeling about Claire and Theo going all the way?  Is that something viewers want to see?  Should Theo be with Claire or Ciera?  

Check out a snippet of an interview I did with Vincent Irizarry!!

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  1. Yes i want to see chad and abby togehter for eve, they are soulmate and theylove each other they need to be there for each other


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