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Days of our Lives Amazing Spoilers for the first week of April

Days of our Lives Amazing Spoilers for the first week of April

TRIPP wants answers about his Mom's side of the family

Days of our Lives Amazing Spoilers for the first week of AprilDays of our Lives Amazing Spoilers for the first week of April.  The Daily Banner brings you a sneak peek of Days for this week.
Eduardo has big plans for his life and his family in Salem.  Will his family become the 3rd most powerful family in Salem?

Theo wakes up to a realization

Theo starts to realize that Claire might not be the girl for him and goes to his Uncle for advice.  Finally Theo realizes that Claire is self serving and a bit selfish.  Wow Theo, she has always been that way.  A little slow to get there but we will be glad to see you arriving at that realization.
Abigail confides in her brother that Chad still has feelings for Gabi but he promises he is committed to her.
Double dates abound as JJ and Lani have a double date with Paul and Sonny and Rafe and Hope have a double date with Steve and Kayla.


Marlena and John fans get a glimpse of John once again and Marlena day dreams about her man.
Sonny and Paul are finally back together as the fans are treated to a hot love scene.
Hope continues to eaves drop on Deimos.  It looks like wire tapping is A-okay in Salem.
Chad is still IN LOVE with two women!!
Chad and Abigail plan their vow renewal because their marriage has been in chaos literally since moment ONE.  Kate reminds Abigail that she is not her choice mate for Chad.
Gabi tries to move on with her life and plans on trying to forget Chad with Eli. Ciara tries the same thing by becoming interested in someone new.

The end of Deimos is getting closer

Deimos decides to teach Sonny a lesson. He must not realize that Sonny is much more important to Victor than he.  Will he find himself all but gone?
Dario and Ed’s father/son/partners in crime relationship continues to grow.  Who would have thought this could happen with the way that Dario HATED his Dad.

Tripp is hungry for answers

Tripp wants answers about his mother’s side of his family and goes looking for them.  Will he use what he learns to get revenge for his mother’s death?  Why would he since he didn’t even know her?

In conclusion

Things move forward on Days of Our Lives while some things stay the same for another few weeks.
Let’s take a look back at Nicole and Brady as we get ready for Arianne Zucker to say goodbye!

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