Saturday, November 26, 2016

General Hospital Nelle Makes her Move

Kiki & Avery on Thanksgiving
Let's Get Soapy wants to first say that Kiki and Avery are absolutely great together.  The chemistry between both girls and even Ava is remarkable.

Sonny wakes up to find Nelle in bed with him.  
Now onto the mess that is Nelle. It looks like Nelle is going to make her move on Sonny after he has had too much to drink.  He is going to wake up to find her in bed with him and have no recognition on how they got there. 

Why is Bobbie the only person to see through Nelle at this time?  

One has to ask themselves, if Sonny was that drunk, did anything really happen between he and Nelle or is it something she will try and make him think happened?

How long will it be before it is revealed to Carly that Sonny may or may not have slept with Nelle? 

Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:    If you do like romance and intrigue, ENJOY!!

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