Monday, November 21, 2016

Days of our Lives Craziness Abounds

Days of our Lives Craziness 

Gabi & Chad give in to their passion 
Days of our Lives craziness abounds as today's episode leaves many scratching their heads.  Why is Abigail saying in Salem but not letting her husband know she is alive?  She is going to watch in the shadows as her husband and son build a new life with Gabi & Ari?  

Adrienne admits she LOVES both men!!
Then Justin busts up the wedding and Adrienne actually says she loves both men while standing there in a wedding dress. What is up with that?  Then she says to Sonny, "why did your father wait so long?"  That was terrible and Let's Get Soapy really felt sorry for Lucas.  

Why would Jennifer's mother work with Andre? What was all that about?  It doesn't even make sense in any way.  

Oh poor poor Joey today when he tells his parents that he is just going to have to grow up. Well Joey, that is what most people have to do after they graduate from High School. His parents saying that are not ready for his to be a father or them grandparents was so ridiculous.  Geez, quite frankly, the actors are in their 50's and 60's. If not now, when?  

As you can tell, Days of our Lives really got on our last nerves today.  What did you think of today's episode? Enjoy "YOU SAVED ME," by Little River Band. 

Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:    If you do like romance and intrigue, ENJOY!!

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  1. I didn't like any of it. It was stupid. Abby hasn't been "dead" all that long and already he is moving on with "rebound" Gabi ? I did love the money exchange between Kate and Phillip...that was hilarious and true to form. Sonny not being able to keep a smile off his face when Justin was talking was both rude and adorable...still trying to figure out which one I liked. Get a grip Adrienne and make up your mind. Justin has cheated before and most likely will again. Will cheated on Sonny and he left him, yet Sonny wants his mom to take back cheating dad???? Doesn't he remember how that betrayal felt or doesn't it matter since it was dear old dad??? I could go on and on...but others will want to respond :)


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