Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Y&R: Does Jack have some Marco in him after all?

So Jack is heartbroken and striking out but doing it in a way that does not make it look like he is losing his mind when in fact he is insanely jealous of his wife and brother's affair.

Jack's haircut looks fresh and neat.  Ashley's heart was breaking for her brother at the Foundation meeting.  Eileen Davidson's tears were as real as they come.  Davidson is probably one of the most underrated soap diva's of all time.  She can play all ends of the spectrum from sweet sister, Mom & wife to villian at the drop of a hat.  

Let's Get Soapy loves her evil as a DiMera on Days of Our Lives and loves how sweet she can be on Young and the Restless but let's get back to Jack.  

Jack has a new attitude and a new hairstyle 
Oh sweet sweet Jack.  The fans loved to see the bad side of you when you portrayed Marco.  One of the things that really had Phyllis twisted in all of this is that there were moments when she was really grooving on the bad boy that was the character of Marco.  That is one of the reasons she drifted over to bad boy Billy Abbott.  

Maybe EVIL Jack will be more to Phyllis's real taste in men?  Do the fans want to see Phyllis with Jack or Billy?

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  1. I saw a post yesterday that I really liked. The poster said that maybe Jack and Marco are one and the same man -- Jack just has two very different sides to him. I like this, and I think that we will see a new (actually old) dimension to Jack now. Good -- shake it up! But the story itself of the incestuous affair is getting old. We just got through that with Hillary, and she is still the most hated woman in town, so good luck to Phyllis. And Phyllis falling down the stairs -- again -- is lame. Rehashing old stories gets so old. As for Eileen Davidson, she is one of the best. I loved to hate her on Days, and here I just love her. Ashley made a good point yesterday that all people have feelings, but good people don't act on them. She screwed up with Stitch that once, but she has worked on not letting it happen again. Have you seen her on the Real Housewives? She doesn't really fit in because she is too real and too nice. AND she is a great actress. It looks like the cast is ready to change partners and dance soon. I am waiting to see where Jack, Phyllis, and Billy settle. I think their relationships now are just about done.


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