Friday, September 30, 2016

Just days before the death of Agnes Nixon Vincent Irizzary posts this

Agnes Nixon and Vincent Irizzary 
For all the All My Children fans, Days of our Lives fans and even Young and Restless fans we would like to bring the kind and loving heart and mind of Vincent Irizzary to your attention.

As Vincent speaks of irony in his tribute to Pine Valley and Agnes Nixon, a 7th sense must have been telling him that the woman he adored, fought to get recognized via the Kennedy Honors would pass away just 5 short days later.  Vincent Irizzary is and has always been a fabulous human being and a phenomenal actor.  Here is what Vincent said on his Facebook page on September 23, 2016.

Interesting coincidence. Ended up in Glendale today; a part of town I rarely, rarely visit. Decided to go to The Americana for a salad and glass of wine to bring the exhausting, yet satisfying, work week to an end; decompress. Perfect afternoon. Clear, sunny skies. Slight breeze. Moderate temperature. LA autumn at its finest. Doesn't hurt to have the musical standards I adore playing over the PA outside where I sit, harmoniously joining the flowing waters of the nearby gilded fountain...Sinatra, Bennett, Holiday... Yes. What Friday's were created for... However, what makes this seemingly perfect late afternoon even more curious is what I recently, completely by chance, spotted on my Twitter feed; this accompanying article. Today happens to mark the 5 year anniversary of the final episode airing of ABC's 40+ yr run of All My Children... Personally, what makes this even more relevant during my weekending exhale is the fact that the last scenes we shot and produced of AMC ABC were at the studio we relocated to here in LA from NYC after 40 yrs of production, just 8 minutes away from where I'm typing this post, so enjoying my New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, at a place I would visit back then, but haven't since I worked on the show those 5 years back. Not once. Coincidence? Hmmmm... Perhaps the restless spirit of Dr DH led me here to reminisce, reflect on this day's significance... Thank you, dear, dear Agnes Nixon, and all I had the privilege of working alongside throughout those magical years. Thank you, even more, all of you who had invited us into your homes, year after glorious year, graciously weaving us into the fabric of your everyday lives. To you I send my greetings from our dear, eternal "Pine Valley." I raise a glass to you all...

Photo of retirement party for Ray McDonnell (Dr. Joe Martin)
Look at all that talent in that photo.  Susan Lucci went to Prime Time with Devious Maids.  The Queen of daytime has not taken a role on another daytime drama.  Vincent Irizzary is now on Days of our Lives. Michael E. Knight was recently on Young and Restless as Dr. Simon Neville and Rebecca Buddig is currently on General Hospital portraying Hayden Barnes.  Walt Willy expressed his condolences on his Facebook page.  Also pictured is Lee Meriwether who portrayed the role of Ruth Martin after Mary Fickett was too ill to continue.  Mary Fickett subsequently passed away on September 12, 2011.  Ray McDonnell and Lee Meriwether are still alive.  Also pictured is Cameron Mathison with his on screen daughter.  He is currently a host on Entertainment tonight.  Last but not least is Jill Larson who played the 2nd Opal Courtland, Michael E. Knights birth-mother on All My Children.

The cast of 'All My Children' and 'One Life To Live' always had a special relationship with Agnes.  She was truly their other mother when they worked on her shows.  They were really all her children and that is how she always treated each and everyone of them.

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