Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Agnes Nixon the Mother of Daytime Drama has died

Susan Lucci & Agnes Nixon
Let's Get Soapy is devastated to learn of the passing of the mother creator of 'All My Children,' and 'One Life To Live."  Agnes Nixon was a genius at bringing real life drama into our living rooms through her writing of brilliant characters and story-line.  

It is hard to see typing past the tears that are rolling down my face. We are never supposed to write in first person but this time I have to make an exception.  I cannot begin to do justice at this time in tribute to this wonderful, beautiful brilliant woman who brought so much joy into people's lives, day after day, year after year through her storytelling.  The Chairman of Disney Robert A. Iger confirmed earlier today that Ms. Nixon passed away.  He said this:  

"It is with a heavy heart I mourn the passing of television pioneer Agnes Nixon, someone I was proud to call a friend. Agnes’ impact on daytime television and pop culture is undeniable. He went on to say: "She was the first to champion socially relevant topics, and the towns and characters Agnes brought to life leave an indelible imprint on television that will be remembered forever.  On behalf of Walt Disney and ABC, I want to extend our deepest condolences to her family.”

To 'All My Children,' and 'One Life to Live' fans, she was more than just the creator of these shows.  She remained very much involved in the shows and was responsible for bringing relevant social topics and events to the surface so that they could be talked about.  Soap Stars who worked with Agnes are mourning her loss tonight.  

We will love you and miss you forever Miss Agnes!! 

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