Monday, September 21, 2015

Young and Restless Animosity Spoiler

Sage assures Nick she is fine.  She doesn't look fine.
Victoria is all bubbly about Brash and Sassy doing well and kind of matter of fact about the fact that Chelsea 2.0 sales sales have dropped.  Victor seems suspicious about it all.   

Adam hates that Ian is across the hallway.  Adam wants Ian to get out of town.   

Nick is trying to make Sage take it easy.  She says she is pregnant, not a cripple.   

Abby and Stitch are in bed again.  Stitch wants to take her to Europe. 

Noah is worried about Marisa.  She seems preoccupied.  Luca shows up at the A-Club again.  He can't seem to stay away from Marissa and Noah.  

Hey Nick, Stitch does not have your wife's prenatal cramps on his mind.  Perhaps you should look for another doctor.  

Noah arrives at his fathers house with papers for Sage. They talk about Sharon.  Later in the episode Sage collapses onto the floor. 

At Newman, Nick shows up at work and listens to his sister Victoria telling Victor that she told Stitch Abby needed a break.  Abby is not happy about the Chelsea 2.0 slow down.  Abby think Victoria has done something to make Brash and Sassy ahead in sales.   

Abby and Stitch break up!!
Abby finds out about Stitch and Victoria's talk.  She refuses to go away with him, tells him she can't trust him and breaks up with him.  

Chelsea now knows about the drop in sales and is upset.  Adam tries to talk to her.  She tells him Nick thinks it is a cyber attack.   

Devon wants to know what Neil is doing at the dream  house.  Neil tells him he is fixing it up and is going to give it to them because it was Hillary's dream house.  Can you say "weird" Devon?  

Gwen shows up at the house.  Neil is pissed off that she followed him and he breaks up with her again.  Neil is quite obviously losing his mind as he screams and yells at an unconscious Hillary.   

Victor wants Marissa to use her womanly attributes to get rid of Luca.  He gives her 48 hours to get rid of her husband.  

Noah finally figures out that Marissa is Luca's wife and he leaves her.  

Victor shows up at Nicks house and finds Sage.  She wigs out on him.   

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