Wednesday, July 15, 2015

General Hospital Sexy Sonny

Oh la la - Sexy Sonny
General Hospital -  Sexy Sonny
Let’s Get Soapy really felt that this moment needed to be memorialized.  This had to be one of the sexiest moments in soap history and it was so pure and simple and sweet at the same time.  Carly just standing there with her arms wrapped around a shirtless Sonny and Let’s Get Soapy has to wonder how many women at home went, “Oh My?”    

Here is the 2nd shot very similar to the first
These are actually two different photos taken seconds apart as Carly did stand there for a few seconds before Sonny moved to turn and face her.  

Then he smiled that dimple smile and he could have asked her for the moon and she would have roped it.  What is it about that man and his dimples that send grown women to their knees? 

When he smiles at her he makes her forget the danger
What did you think about this scene that led to the proposal scene of today?  There will be a separate post about the proposal scene by the way.  There is just not time for it tonight.

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