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Young and Restless Monday coupling – things to think about

Image captured from Y&R episode aired 5-11-15
Young and the Restless filled the viewers Monday full of love making as Chelsea and Adam/Gabe made love in Chelsea’s living room.  We have to wonder where Anita was during this time and why Chelsea and Gadam don’t ever use a bed when they have sex?  Do they not have a bedroom set for Chelsea or Gadam? 

They did show a bedroom for Chelsea when she and Billy were sleeping together and she called out Adams name.  What happened to that set?  The way people walk in and out of the penthouse, anyone especially her mother and son could have walked in on that romp in the hay or more specifically the living room afghan. 

We are truly not making light of the scene because fans were waiting for them to get together again and lots of folks enjoyed the togetherness.  It is interesting watching Chelsea fight her feelings for a man she is loving like her husband when she does not know he is her husband and those feelings are making her feel guilty.  Would it be easier for Gadam to come clean and just tell her the truth?  After she was done being mad at him, she would take him back for sure.  We all know that. 

 The show has had the Adam/Chelsea fans waiting a long time for them to get together and even longer for the reveal when Gabe comes clean to Chelsea about him really being Adam.  Justin Hartley hit the scene as Gabriel a.k.a Adam last November so although it feels like forever for this reveal, it has only been 6 months and in soap land, that is not a long time.  GH fans saw the Fluke story-line drag on for 14 months. 

Chelsea and Adam weren’t the only coupling today.  Hevon is back together and making love in somebody’s suite in the A-Club Hotel.  LGS really wishes they would change the name of that place because there is a lot more drinking and playing in the rooms going on in that place than there is athletics. 
Image captured from Y&R episode aired 5-11-15

Will Y & R be writing Hillary (Mishael Morgan’s) real life pregnancy into the story-line?  If so, the only option for Daddy is Devon or is it?  Could it be the ADA that Hillary spent one night with?  That would be Karma coming back to bite her in the butt for sure. 

The coupling didn’t stop there as we saw Neil share a very tender kiss with Gwen.  When Gwen was around a few months ago, LGS thought she would make a good match with Neil.  While he should spend a little time by himself, it doesn’t look like he will be. 
Image captured from Y&R episode aired 5-11-15

      So the viewers are left with these important questions.  

When will Gabe reveal he is Adam?  Should we take bets on how much longer this story line is going to drag out? 

   Will Y&R right the real life pregnancy of Mishael/Hillary into the story-line and if so, is the baby Devon’s or the ADA’s? 

   Will Neil embark on a full fledged affair with Gwen?

I want to say thank you to the people that are reading my blogs.  I will keep writing as long as you keep reading.  We are not always going to agree but I do hope that you enjoy most of what I write and I write to share with you.

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