Friday, May 22, 2015

General Hospital: Loving the Jerome’s and their Surprise guest

Image captured via GH episode aired 5-22-15
Poor Julian walks in with gorgeous blue balloons only to find out his baby brother is dead. 

Is there anybody not feeling the love for the Jerome family today?  Julian’s 2 adult children showed up for him, his niece Kiki and Morgan and Alexis has not left his side since he came home from the hospital. 

Julian is once again saying he is leaving the mob but he has said that before.  He really needs to make it official this time.  LGS thinks it is terrible that Olivia and Ned are keeping this child away from him.  This man who has fathered 3 children and has been robbed of all 3 of them and seeing them grow from babies to adults.  Hopefully, he will find out that little OJ is alive and well and get to be a part of his life.  He is so good with Danny. 
Image captured via GH episode aired 5-22-15

Okay, so the big shocker was the Ava look alike albeit raven haired beauty enter the premises at the very end of today’s show.  Kiki obviously thinks it is her Mom but LGS thinks they are bringing in another character.  She has a really thick Brooklyn accent and seems just the type Sonny likes. 
Image captured via GH episode aired 5-22-15

Where are they going with this and do you think that is Ava with a wig already healed from her cancer or is Silas still working on her and in the meantime Ava will be playing a duel role? 

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