Tuesday, May 19, 2015

General Hospital dead babies and lies

Image captured from GH episode aired 5-19-15
So once again Julian Jerome will not get the opportunity to have anything to do with a child of his, this makes 3 for 3 for this guy, at least for now. Not only did they just lie to the man and tell him that his baby is dead but when he asks to see his sons body to say goodbye he is told sorry, we made a boo boo and cremated the little guy. 

LGS felt sorry for this mobster man.  Yes, he lives a dangerous life but so do Sonny and Sonny have to at least be some part of his kids lives all their lives.  First Sam, then Lucas and now BABY WHO?  Did they name that child? 
Image captured from GH episode aired 5-19-15

They got Doctor O to play along with this farce by Ned giving her a big donation to the hospital as if she ever cared about donations to the hospital.  Is Dr. O turning into Mother Teresa? 

Okay, so Olivia (Lisa) is on her way to maternity leave and Ned (Wally) signed a full time contract with Days of our Lives so they both are leaving town and they are obviously doing so with baby WHO in tow. 
Image captured from GH episode aired 5-19-15

LGS thinks that will leave the opportunity of Olivia coming back sometime in the future with or without her baby.  Julian is going to realize that something is up when Olivia disappears and leaves her son and grandson behind.  He knows her well enough to know that she is hiding something and that something is probably his son.  

The writers will keep him at bay long enough for Lisa to have her maternity leave.  With that being said, LGS predicts that Olivia will be back on set and filming in October or November but the viewers might not see her until the holidays since they tape 6 to 8 weeks in advance. 

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