Thursday, May 21, 2015

Days of our Lives Paige goes nuts

Image captured from Days episode aired 5-21-15
So Paige really lost it.  It didn’t matter who was there, she was going to beat that boy about the head.  LGS is really surprised that she did not take a poke at Jennifer as well.  Was that scene everything the viewers thought it would be?

Is Eve going to try and kill herself for her sins?  It would seem she might as she keeps saying she has nothing to live for without her daughter.    
Image captured from Days episode aired 5-21-15

Paige (True O’Brien) did a great job acting.  You could almost feel her heart breaking.  What a horrible deception and betrayal to discover and the way she discovered it awaking from a nap to hear her mother and boyfriend talking about it and blackmailing each other over it. 

Is there any that these two can get past that?  LGS knows that JJ is going to have the gall to ask for another chance and forgiveness.  Will this girl give it to him?  LGS thinks she needs to head off to Cali and leave this loser behind.  
Image captured from Days episode aired 5-21-15

The high light of the show for us was Rory realizing that JJ slept with Eve and he said it all with those two little words.  “Oh Dude.”  He delivered it perfectly.  They really need to give that kid a story line.  I so want him to be the child that Anne gave up for adoption when she was a teen.  I think those two actors are so under utilized and would be great as a mother son team. 

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