Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Days of our Lives knockout punch

Image captured from Days episode aired 5-19-15
Do you hear that?  It is the sound of applause as Will takes one to the chin compliments of Paul.  That punch was long overdue and how much do you want to bet that Will keeps pretending that he did nothing to instigate that punch?

Will Horton is just like his mother, deceptive and self-serving.  Don’t get us wrong, LGS loves Sami but she is lovable.  This Will-not so much.  He is just plain mean but at the same time is sanctimonious and that is very annoying. 
Image captured from Days episode aired 5-19-15

He cheated on his husband and he comes home to find his baby in the arms of his recent ex-lover and immediately become a whining idiot.  He has some growing up to do and quickly or his daughter will be grown up before him.

How many folks reading this enjoyed Will being knocked out by Paul?  How long do you think it will be before Sonny learns the truth about the knockout punch?   
Image captured from Days episode aired 5-19-15

Will is playing off that Paul is hostile and violent and shouldn't be around the baby when that is anything but true.  It is time for John to come to his son’s defense against his step-grandson but will he? 
Video for people who are missing Sami & EJ!!

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  1. Will is a horrid, selfish brat, and he deserves what is coming.

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