Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bold and Beautiful – Brooke Calls Maya Myron

Image captured from B&B episode aired 5-7-15
LGS was not the least bit surprised by Mama Bear Brooke’s behavior towards Maya.  The fact that Maya thinks she did absolutely nothing wrong by not giving full disclosure to Rick before she started a physical a bit short sighted. 
There are going to be people who think that Maya had every right and that every transgender person has every right to hide the fact that they were born a different physical sex than what they are displaying to the world but is that really the case? 
Image captured from B&B episode aired 5-7-15

If Maya was truly honest from the beginning than this wouldn’t be an issue, but the truth is that Rick doesn’t know some very significant information about somebody he is considering marrying.  She can never give him children of their own as she does not possess any eggs.  Is Brooke within her rights as Rick’s mother to order Maya to tell Rick the truth before he proposes and was she right to say don’t embarrass my son that way while on bended knee with ring in hand? 
Image captured from B&B episode aired 5-7-15

The thing that LGS thinks is interesting is that in 2015, the big storyline is transgender.  If this were the year 1995, the thing that might have stopped these two from getting together publicly would have been the different in their races.  Nobody see’s color anymore and perhaps in the year 2025, nobody will see gender as well.  We will all just be people loving people. 

Does that thought make you happy or scare you?    
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I want to say thank you to the people that are reading my blogs.  I will keep writing as long as you keep reading.  We are not always going to agree but I do hope that you enjoy most of what I write and I write to share with you.

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  1. Excellent commentary! I think Rick will surprise everyone and accept maya for who she is now. Forester will survive because the fashion world is okay with transgendered issues. Spencer publications will look ancient and antiquated if they come out with a negative story. Liam being vegan, liberal (obviously) would be a hypocrite if he ran with this information negatively. But right now b&b is giving great soap opera ! Can't miss an episode!

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