Friday, April 3, 2015

Young and Restless Courtney’s Text message & Killer guess

Image captured from Y&R YT channel from episode that aired 4-3-15
Wow, so did Noah really believe that his bride to be would really text message him and say, “change of plans,’ on their wedding day?  He had to figure something really bad happened to her but the way he lied to his Dad was a bit weird. 

Did anybody else watching think it was weird that Noah played it calm and cool when he got that text?  He should have been panicking big time considering what was going on in their lives but he wasn't. 
Image captured from Y&R YT channel from episode that aired 4-3-15

Is anybody else starting to think that Noah might be involved?  Austin was cheating on his sister and going after his family.  He had motive to kill Austin but would he kill Courtney if she got to close.  Does Noah have some of the emotional and mental problems that his mother has? That was a great father/son moment, too bad it was so short lived.

Well LGS doesn’t really think so, we just wanted to put it out there because at this point, very few people can be excluded and that is what the writers were going for.  The only people that aren’t possible suspects are the dead or???
Image captured from Y&R YT channel from episode that aired 4-3-15

Let’s Get Soapy has a few scenarios and possible killers and we are going to throw one out there right now.  How about Tyler Michael?  He is still in love with Abby and he may have found out that Abby was with this married man.  He also still has feelings for Mariah and he may have been watching Mariah having feelings for Austin.  Maybe the fact that his sister is back in the picture representing Neil will come in handy when he is arrested.  

Do you think Tyler Michaelson is a possibility? 

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  1. No it can't be Noah he's standing and waiting. I can't think its victor he would have his family hate him. Daisy is a possibility or Amber.

  2. Yes I think Tyler could be the killer! Good possibility. They the writers sure are going overboard on this who done it!

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