Saturday, April 18, 2015

General Hospital is Hayden a Sex Addict

Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 4-17-15
LGS really wants to say a few things about Hayden.  It really seems that the only thing this woman thinks about is sex.  

She tried having sex with Jake and he turned her down.  Then she tried having sex with Ric and he turned her down and then she jumped Nickolas’s bones after just meeting him.  There is really something wrong with this picture. 

Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 4-17-15

Are the writer’s going to be bringing awareness to the fact that there are actual sex addicts in this world because there are and it is a real affliction.  Sex addicts live, breath and do nothing but think about sex.  I don’t think that issue has ever been covered before on the soaps and it might make an interesting story-line. 
Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 4-17-15

So horn-ball Hayden goes over to Nic’s house on the island and tries to jump his bones in his living room.  Now Spinelli found out that Hayden didn’t really exist until recently when she signed a lease with her husband Jake (the viewers know that Ric set that all up.) 

We also know that Hayden was trolling the internet dating sites looking for what LGS now thinks was pure and raunchy sex.  Have any of the other viewers realized that this woman’s sexual appetite is in over drive? 

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