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Days of our Lives – Town Square Spectacle and Cast News

Image captured via Days YT channel from episode aired 4-3-15
Wow, so the reporter broke the news to everyone that Will would do whatever necessary to get a story including sleeping with the subject of his story.  The reactions were priceless.  You would really believe that these folks had no idea what was coming.  Check out some of the reactions in the photos. 

Let’s Get Soapy got a kick out of Victor and Maggie’s reaction, especially Maggie.  She looked very shocked.  Chad looked amusingly shocked but jumped right into action to protect his good friend and business partner Sonny and to earn brownie points with Abigail. 
Image captured via Days YT channel from episode aired 4-3-15

Chad tried using the DiMera name to scare the reporter off and then John pulled out his badge threatening to arrest a reporter for telling, well the truth. 

Let’s Get Soapy thinks it was a sad moment when John told Paul to leave.  He then realized that what he had seen earlier in Sonny’s office was Paul coming onto Sonny and now he understood where that was coming from. 
Image captured via Days YT channel from episode aired 4-3-15

The news broke that Freddie Smith, the actor that plays Sonny has already filmed his last scene.  As many people know, Freddie had some recent legal problems when he had an horrific accident that severely hurt his real life girlfriend.  He has to do probation and community service and the word is that he is leaving LA.  Perhaps the fast LA lifestyle was too much for this down home small town man? Melissa Archer is out as well but LGS thinks nobody will really care about that.  The character Serena was never liked on the show and her story-line was much less than stellar.  They wasted Melissa's talent as she did have much to offer but they just didn't utilize her correctly.
Image captured from Days YT channel episode aired 4-3-15

The actress that plays Melanie Burnett has also completed her 6 month engagement with the show and is goners.  Will that leave Brady to Theresa and their new baby? What did the viewers think about that all of that and the revealing scene at Horton Square? 

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  1. I will miss the character if Melanie. Her bright zany energy is a high spot on the show. Love her with Brady. The show needs fun.

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