Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bold and Beautiful - What is up with Brookes face?

Image captured via B&B episode aired 4-30-15
Today, LGS noticed that they shot most of Brooks’s outdoor scenes with the camera to her back and for good reason.  It looks like KKL has had some work done.  It is either Botox or some other form of plastic surgery.  How does it look?  See for yourself. 

If LGS didn’t know any better and she wasn’t dead, we would think that Joan Rivers was in this scene with Jacob Young (Rick) today. 
Image captured via B&B episode aired 4-30-15

Why do these actresses feel that they have to have anything done?  Since her work was so obvious, why didn’t they write it into the story-line that she can’t get or keep any of her men and she is losing them to younger woman so she took extreme measures to try and look young again?

In real life, the actress that plays Quinn (Rena Sofa) is 46 and Katherine Kelly Lang is 53 so she is 6 years old than Rena. Of course the other actresses/characters that have kept her men from her are much younger than her.  She truly has lost her snapper and this plastic surgery is certainly not going to bring it back. 
The scenes with Brooke, Eric and Ridge in the CEO’s office were obviously shot before KKL had the work done. Hopefully she is just swollen from Botox and her face will look more normal soon.  It would be tough to have to look at her like this from this point forward.  If this is not self inflicted and she is experiencing a health problem and she is taking some kind of medication that is puffing her out, than LGS sends get well wishes.  
Image captured via B&B episode aired 4-30-15

LGS is begging the ladies of daytime, leave your faces alone, you don’t need the work. Please age naturally and gracefully.  You are beautiful as you are. 
Our special project
Before we go we wanted to share our special project with you.  If you have a minute, please read below.  This is a true story about a little boy who will pull at your heartstrings and shows us all what real courage is about. 

Super Storm Sandy didn’t just change lives up North.  The aftermath of that storm caused a huge branch to snap in the playground of a day care where this precious little 2 year old boy was playing.  That little boy’s name is Tripp Halstead.  That branch caused traumatic brain injury as it literally crushed a large section of Tripp’s skull which damaged his brain. 

The doctors really didn’t think he would survive but he did.  After 6 months, and to date, 16 surgeries, this little boy is now 4 years old and growing, trying to talk, smiling and moving his arms and legs.  He is featured in my new book, “The Traveling Jalapeno’s Meet Tripp Halstead,” which will be available on Amazon soon.  I have written a song that offers hope and inspiration that where there is life, there can be a miracle.  Tripp inspired the song and it is called, “The Little Boy That Could – Tripp’s Song.”  That song has been released on iTunes this week.  1/2 the proceeds from downloads are being donated to Tripp for his nursing care that insurance does not cover.  Help us get this song to #1 on iTunes next week when it is released by downloading it immediately.  For a sneak peek/listen to the song, see the YouTube promo. 

I want to say thank you to the people that are reading my blogs.  I will keep writing as long as you keep reading.  We are not always going to agree but I do hope that you enjoy most of what I write and I write to share with you.

Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this page and I will respond to you here.

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  1. She looks like a true life puffer fish and her fanatics love to boast she's aging naturally..Yup..Sure..At least Joan Rivers didn't lie about her surgery

  2. She is puffed up. Is she on steroids or have Botex?if medicatiin she needs to get off it and if Botex she needs to age naturally instead of being a plastic looking doll. Let naturebtakebit course and show your maturity

  3. its tough being an aging actress and actor

  4. Why these women in Hollywood are so keen to ruin their look? I just wish they snap out of the myth that plastic surgery make them look good or younger, it does not! Young girls in their 20's even, going for a nip tuck, i think it's insane! The only reason why we see few case of a face lift gone well, is because some women are lucky to have the right skin tone and bone structure, but that is not always the case, it is when hey look worse, like KKL....Sad

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