Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Bold and the Beautiful– Quinn Deacon Brooke Sniff test

Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-31-15
This blog post is about Quinn today figuring out that the perfume she smelled on her man was the she wolf Brooke.  Sorry Brooke lovers but LGS thinks that Brooke is sinking really low playing with this man when he was doing really good with Quinn. 
Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-31-15

Now, LGS thinks that Deacon is an idiot and shouldn't fall into the trap that Brooke is setting but everyone knows that for whatever reason, Deacon has never been able to resist Brooke and it looks like that has not changed in all these years. 

Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-31-15

 What is terrible is that Brooke has no romantic interest in Deacon and she only is telling him she wants him because she doesn't want her entire harem to have jumped ship since both Bill and Ridge have moved on to younger pastures. 
Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-31-15
The writers did such a great job of making people hate Quinn with the Hope/Liam/Wyatt/Quinn story line.  LGS wants to know if the viewers can find love and compassion in their heart for Quinn as they watch Brooke rip her world to shreds?  What a great nose for scents Quinn has.  Does Brooke bathe in her perfume?  

Are you team Quinn or team Brooke? 

I want to say thank you to the people that are reading my blogs.  I will keep writing as long as you keep reading.  We are not always going to agree but I do hope that you enjoy most of what I write and I write to share with you.

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  1. Really crazy for Brooke to dangle her charms to Deacon knowing she is pushing Quinn's angry buttons! She (Brooke) is always falling into dangerous liasons and she thinks it will be okay.

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