Friday, March 13, 2015

The Bold and the Beautiful Maya’s worst nightmare

Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-13-15
Well it certainly looks like little sister Nicole is becoming Maya’s worst nightmare.  Nicole came armed with all kinds of secrets about big sister Maya or is she her big sister. Also, what is up with Maya's arms?  I've noticed this before and in the real world, a lead model would never have arms like that.  

There is speculation that Maya gave birth to Nicole when she was 14 or 15 years old and that her parents raised Nicole as their own.  That has happened in many families in real life so that is not that outlandish. 
Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-13-15
Would that be something that Rick would even care about except he did want to have children with Caroline.  If he found out that Maya walked away from 2 babies and not just the poor little girl that died in the car crash would that make him change his opinion of her?  
I would think so but you know what, I wouldn’t assume that Nicole knows she is Maya’s daughter.
Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-13-15

Now let’s assume that Nicole does not know that Maya is her mother.  What other secret is she keeping for Maya?  How about that Maya was a drug using teenage prostitute back in the day?  That would really have to make Rick not only rethink Maya’s position in the company, but most certainly in his bed and in his life right after he  rushes off to the doctor to have some blood work done checking for STD’s. 
Image captured from B&B YT Channel episode aired 3-13-15

How plausible do you think it is that Maya was a drug using prostitute as a teenager and in fact ran away from home after she had baby Nicole? 

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