Friday, March 20, 2015

General Hospital Spinelli and Sonny

Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 3-19-15
By far the most enjoyable part of General Hospital this week has been the scenes between Sonny and Spinelli at the gym.  It has been wonderful to see that warmer side of Sonny.  

Normally he is short patience with Spinelli but I think at this time in his life, Sonny is longing for the way things used to be.  Spinelli also had a very close relationship to Jason/Stone cold and Sonny’s knows it so perhaps having Spinelli near is like having a part of Jason back for Sonny?
Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 3-19-15

No matter what the reason, it has been really sweet watching these two interact in the scenes this week.  It is now Friday and Spinelli has challenged Nathan to a boxing duel.  Nathan finally accepted and Sonny has 58 minutes to get Spinelli up to fighting speed. 
Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 3-19-15

Will Maxie stop this fight before it happens or will she walk in as Nathan knocks Spinelli out and her reaction will show Nathan how Maxie really feels? 
Image captured from GH YT Channel episode aired 3-19-15

 We would love to hear what the viewers are thinking about all of this right about now? 

                                             To see the episode in its entirety, click here.  

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