Saturday, March 21, 2015

Days of our Lives: Will is just like his mother

Image captured from Days YT Channel episode air-date 3-19-15
Will is absolutely and without a doubt is just like his mother only he does not have the beauty and grace that Sami exhibits.  I am not saying he is ugly but he is not beautiful inside and out.  Right now the viewers are totally hating on him because he cheated on Sonny and now he thinks having Paul gone is going to fix that.  The way he has been threatening and pushing tiny Tori around is despicable.  I am not even sure Sami would have gone that far. 
Image captured from Days YT Channel episode air-date 3-19-15

Sonny came back to Salem and the first person he ran into was Paul.  It was obvious he was impressed with the way Paul and the children.  It was also obvious that he was not at all impressed with Will and what will had been doing in their home with magazines all over that were featuring Paul.
Image captured from Days YT Channel episode air-date 3-19-15

Paul has also been more generous regarding Will telling Sonny that perhaps because Sonny was Wills first gay experience perhaps that contributed to the cheat.  Will however is treating Paul and anyone that will listen as if Paul is the devils incarnate him-self.
Image captured from Days YT Channel episode air-date 3-19-15

Is everybody as tired of Will’s whining as LGS?  Does Will not realize that if he establishes a biological connection for Paul in Salem, that will give Paul a biological reason to stay? 

Is it possible that Will’s behavior will lead Sonny directly into Paul’s arms?  Is Sami going to have to come back to bitch slap her son? 
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