Saturday, October 14, 2017

Days of our Lives Eric Nicole and Brady love Triangle and Brady's dark side

Another side of Brady

Eric and Nicole back together again
Is there anybody watching that thinks that Brady is okay?  Look, when Theresa left, Brady rebounded into Nicole's bed faster than most people change their underwear.  After Daniel died, Nicole and Brady were drawn together because of Daniel's heart.  However, Nicole didn't act on it as she respected the family Brady and Theresa were making together with Tate.  

Brady & Theresa

In fact, Theresa went away to keep Brady and Tate safe because she loves them so much.  Let's Get Soapy is thrilled the writers left that story line open so Theresa could return and claim her family. It looks like Brady is going to need Theresa to come back to save his life.  He is living in a very dark place right now.  

Nicole & Eric

Nicole still loves Eric 
These two go back a very long time.  Now we are finding out that Eric became a Priest to try and forget about Nicole. When they worked together in the Church, Eric was falling back in love with her.  When Zander locked them in the crawl space in the boiler room, they both admitted they had feelings for one another. In fact, Eric was drinking that night because he couldn't stand the thought of living without Nicole.  

Nicole was in love with Daniel but she never stopped having feelings for Eric. When Eric caused the accident that killed Daniel, Nicole didn't know what to do with her feelings for Eric so they turned to hate.  

Are the viewers okay with what Brady is doing to keep Nicole and Eric apart?  What do the viewers want to see happen here? 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Days of our Lives: Extreme Intoxication brings Will to his father Lucas to try and save his life

Is it too late?

Chandler Massey and Bryan Dattilo
The ghost of or imagination of a drunken Lucas brings Will back to help him.  How great was it to see Will again?  Just a personal observation, the actor Chandler Massey has grown into a fine young man.  Let's Get Soapy noticed that he now towers over his soap Dad Bryan Dattilo.  

Bryan Dattilo

Speaking of Bryan Dattilo, today's performance by Bryan was Emmy worthy.  LGS really hopes he submits this reel for Emmy consideration.  That was some of his best work ever.  Just goes to show that as an actor you can continue to grow through the years.  

Did Will get through to him?

Chandler Massey 
Back to today's episode, did Will get through to his Dad?  We all know that Lucas passed out or hit his head on the church bench and was knocked out. It is not really clear which it was and either explanation is plausible with the amount of liquor Lucas was consuming. 

Does Sammy have to come back to Salem because Lucas needs to see his daughter?  Will Sammy help bring Lucas back? 

Let's Get Soapy gives both Chandler Massey and Bryan Dattilo 5 stars for extremely great acting today.  5 star tear jerking work all the way around.  

Friday, September 1, 2017

Characters that never got a Proper Goodbye from Young and Restless the last 6 months

Look, we all know that characters come and go but we wanted to take a minute to honor the memory of these characters/actors that didn't get a proper goodbye from Young & Restless in the past 6 months.  

Stitch and his son Max

Let's start with Stitch who had a good run for 2 years of front burner story lines, especially when he had married Victor Newman's daughter Abby.  He was the doctor that saved many a life, his son Max turned fetus slayer also did not get a proper send off.  That can only mean that Stitch and or Max will return in the future to wreak havoc in Genoa City.

Geek girl Natalie was there and then just gone girl

How about gone geek girl Natalie who was front and center for about 6 months until look alike Chloe came back into the picture and pushed the character of Natalie not only to back burner position but right off the stove.  Now the character of Chloe and Kevin and Bella are all gone.  Wow, just wow.  

The younger Maddie & Charlie

The younger Maddie & Charlie went poof and transformed into teenagers over night.  There speed aging made heads not just turn but twist around like a scene from The Exorcist.  Farewell sweet Maddie & Charlie, viewers are still getting used to your teenage counterparts and acceptance is going ever so slowly. Speaking of aging characters, Maddie and Charlie are now 16 but Faith remains what??? Maybe 10 years old now?  Let's Get Soapy will never understand how the writers or producers think this is okay with viewers but it is their game, we are just sitting in the stands watching the scoreboard.  
Adam's son Connor 

What about little Connor, the kid that looks like the OLD ADAM had spit him out of his mouth.  What happened to little Connor?  We have not seen that kid/character in months?  We may as well throw Christian into the mix.  That little guy has also disappeared off the landscape, even as Nick moves into Chelsea's.  We see no interaction between the boys, no nothing.  That can only mean that the writers are getting ready to age these boys by about 5 to 10 years.  Be looking for that during the holidays this year.  

We at Let's Get Soapy would like to say farewell to the characters and or actors that never got the proper send off from the soap.  Bye bye.  

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tyler Christopher heads over to Days of our Lives leaving General Hospital behind

Tyler Christopher made sure to leave a sweet message behind to his fans at General Hospital

Tyler Christopher
Even though Tyler has been off the soap General Hospital for a while and presumed dead, his die hard fans were hoping he would come back.  His on screen son is emotionally scarred by his death and giving his grandmother a heck of a time.

Christopher decided to take a role on Days of our Lives which reunites him with another former GH cast mate who played his Uncle/Father on General Hospital.  

Stephen Nichols who played Stefan Cassadine from 1996 to 2003 is thrilled to be working with Christopher again.  

This is what Christopher posted on his Twitter page.

“It has been a true blessing to be able to do what I love for the past 22 years,” he writes. “It feels like just yesterday that I pulled over to a pay phone on Sunset Blvd to answer a page (yes a page) from my agent telling me I had gotten the [role] of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital. I dropped to me knees, still barely clutching the phone in what can only be described as child-like disbelief at getting a Christmas present I thought Santa had forgotten about but didn’t deserve. I often wonder what my life would of been like if Mark Teschner hadn’t seen beyond the fragile inexperience clearly on display during our first meeting in late 1995. Fortunately for me…he did. Thank you Nikolas Cassadine for championing my career. In so many ways – I think I needed you more than you needed me. And thank you (insert DOOL character) for reminding me what a privilege it is to be an actor.” 

Christopher's future plans

For now Tyler does not say that he will be back on General Hospital but he also does not say that he won't.  That leaves hope for GH fans.  Will you tune into see Christopher work at General Hospital?  

Saturday, August 5, 2017

General Hospital: Will Sonny be able to forgive Sam for what she did to him?

General Hospital:  Will Sonny be able to forgive Sam for what she did to him?

Sam kicking Sonny into the hole!!
What do the viewers think?  Will Sonny be able to forgive Sam for shooting him and kicking him into that hole?  

Can he trust her?
Even if he can somehow forgive her, can he ever trust her again?  Now he knows that somewhere deep down inside, Sam really does not like or trust him to not cause harm to her family. 

Will this episode cause permanent damage?

She really wanted him dead!
Is it possible that this episode will cause permanent damage between the relationship between Sonny and Jason?  How do you ever forget that your best friends wife wanted you dead?  We all know that there was a parasite effecting her brain but does that mean that she harbors no ill feelings toward Sonny?  We think not!!  

Make sure to scroll all the way down to see what has been the most popular soap post all year?  Is it about your favorite soap.  

Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite soap.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

General Hospital kills off Lee Baldwin off screen and brings back a beloved character

General Hospital kills off Lee Baldwin off screen and brings back a beloved character 

Serena is back and all grown up
Serena is back and all grown up.  Carly Schroeder reprises her role as Serena Baldwin today on General Hospital.  Also, on General Hospital Scotty learned that his father Lee Baldwin died suddenly.  He does not reaction well to the news.  Lucy sticks around to take care of him.  At the end of today's episode, their daughter Serena comes back to Port Charles to be with her Dad.  Is Scotty going to be able to get through the death of his father without becoming an alcoholic?  Will the death of Lee Baldwin reunite the family of Scotty, Lucy and Serena?   

Josslyn's boyfriend Oscar 

Josslyn & Oscar
Oscar is one brave little dude standing up to Sonny when he thought he was a pervert.  Now Sonny thinks the boy shows good character when Carly thinks he is a bad influence.  They really are very cute together and he is helping keep Joss sane right now.  Will this summer love turn into all kinds of drama for Carly, Sonny and more.  Is getting the deportation of Jax nullified enough to mend fences between Joss and Sonny? 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

General Hospital: Is there anything sexier than hunk with baby and what is wrong with Sam?

Is there anything sexier than a man with a baby?
Julian and his grand daughter
Seriously, is there anything sexier than a good looking muscle bound man holding and cuddling a baby?  What is it about that vision that really gets to you?  A few days ago General Hospital treated the viewers to Julian meeting his granddaughter for the first time.  
How SEXY is this?  
The scene was adorable and Julian was oh so sexy.  They talk about sexy grandmothers but Let's Get Soapy wants to make it clear that Julian is one sexy Grandpa.  

What is going on with Sam?

Sam can't through a massage
For months now Sam has been acting out of sorts.  She has been short tempered and unforgiving.  This new attitude was happening even before she gave birth.  It has only gotten worse since she then.  She seems heartless when it come to Julian and Franco.  Where everyone else has forgiven them, Sam won't budge an inch for either one.  Now she is hearing things and confusing the names of her children.  Is this more than pregnancy hormones and post par-tum depression? 

Is Sam suffering from neurological condition

While Sam started out with just having a change in personality, she is now hearing voices in her head. Does this mean that Sam may have a brain tumor?

Days of our Lives Eric Nicole and Brady love Triangle and Brady's dark side

Another side of Brady Eric and Nicole back together again Is there anybody watching that thinks that Brady is okay?  Look, when Th...

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