Saturday, March 17, 2018

General Hospital: Was Bobby and Andrew abused as children?

Have Bobby & Andrew been abused?  Is that what both boys have been suppressing?  This past week, General Hospital alluded to it with Franco's reaction to Jim Harvey being portrayed by Greg Evigan.  

Prime Time Actors on Daytime 

Speaking of Greg Evigan, General Hospital has recently employed several prime time actors. They have hired  Max Gail who played Wojciehowicz from Barney Miller.  They have also hired Vernee Watson who plays Curtis's Aunt Stella.  The list of parts that Vernee has played is endless.  A few notable parts was as Will Smith's Mom on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  She was also on Hill Street Blues, The X-Files, Malcolm in the Middle, Desperate Housewives, and The Big Bang Theory. Back in the 70's she was in the hit TV show Welcome Back Kotter.   

Watching them do a scene together on General Hospital, Watson as a social worker and Gail as a man who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's was priceless.  

Drew kicked in the door to save Franco
Today when Harvey started yelling at Franco he freaked out as if he has been abused.  The one question the viewers have to be asking themselves, were they physically abused or sexually abused or both?

Where do you, the viewer think the writers of General Hospital are going with this storyline?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Would EJ returning to Salem be a good thing for his brothers Stefan & Chad?

How many fans would like to see the return of EJ?   

Kirsten and EJ
DiMera's seem to be coming and going from Salem but is it time for EJ to return and take over the family business?  Is EJ the oldest living DiMera, son of Stefano?

Both Chad and Stefan are living in the DiMera mansion being in love with the same women. Ironically, EJ also had an affair with Abigail.  Wouldn't it just rock all their worlds if EJ came back? 

When Sammy left Salem, she had just gotten a phone call. We also know that Kristen DiMera was talking to herself about EJ being alive.  We know when EJ was in the morgue, Kristen showed up and stuck a needle in her brother. 

That has left the door wide open for EJ to return.  The only question here is will James Scott return as EJ or will they recast that character?  Would Days viewers accept an EJ replacement?  James was always a fan favorite but has his long absence been enough for fans of the show to accept a new comer in this role? 

Let us know how you feel about the possibility of EJ returning and should Sami (Alison Sweeney) come back with him?  

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Is Henrich Anna & Faison's son or is it someone else?

Is the reason Anna is being so protective of Heinrich because he may be her son?  Was this child conceived in 1990? Or could it be that this child was conceived back in the late 1970's when Anna was working as a double agent with Faison as her partner?  Anna has such a dark treasonous past.  

At one time, for a short period of time, Anna, Faison and Robin were a family.
As things come full circle in Anna's life, will Robin discover she has more siblings than she ever imagined? Does Robert have some long lost kids that might surface in the near future as well?  Below are some clips from episodes in the 1990's where the fact that Anna and Faison already knew each other for 13 years comes to light.  It seems that Faison actually knew Anna was she was still a girl.  

Do General Hospital viewers have any idea of just how many times Faison has come in and out of Anna's life?

In fact, Anna and Faison were partners in the DVX.  Anna was a double agent. Her time with Faison and her time with Valentine cross over and coincide.  

Anna had left Robin with other people to raise when she was a baby.  Now it would seem Anna did that more than once, hell, she may have even done it 3 times.  The General Hospital writers can have a blast with this one.  

Do the viewers believe that Henrich is Anna and Ceasar Faison's son?  

Sunday, December 10, 2017



Sami tries to talk Lucas into getting help
Sami hinted at it when she told Rafe that she had to get back to the kids for Christmas.  Sami is leaving Salem and Days of our Lives again but not before we have some emotional goodbyes.  Will finally gives her his forgiveness although some might feel it is not 100% genuine, he is trying. 

What happened to Hope's engagement ring?

Rafe and Hope are getting back together but where is Hope's engagement ring?  We all have to know it is going to turn up in Sami's hotel room.  Speaking of hotel rooms, how come half of Salem lives in expensive hotels?  

Let's do the math a minute.  A hotel like that cost approximately $150.00 a night.  Let's even discount that to $100.00 a night.  That would mean that it would cost a resident of Salem like Paul or Adrienne or Lucas $3,000 a month to stay in the hotel for a 30 day month.  HOW CRAZY is that?  Sorry to burst that bubble Days fans but who could ever afford that? 

JJ is going off the rails 
How far is JJ going to go before someone reaches out to catch him before he falls of the face of the earth? 

Lucas would have to climb up to reach rock bottom
That is a suggestion not a prediction or spoiler.  They both could really use some help and some company.  Maggie could keep a closer eye on Lucas having him in the mansion and Eve could surely use a shoulder or someone who isn't constantly trying to get her locked up to hang out with . 

New Ciara is a little witch with a huge Claire chip on her shoulder
What is up with Ciara?  She came back a raging witch.  Claire is not the end all and be all of all her problems.  How much trouble is she going to cause for the dysfunctional people of Salem?

Sonny pours his heart out to Will
Yes, Sonny tells Will how he feels but it looks like Will is HOT FOR PAUL. 

The next time we see Sami, will EJ be with her.  We already know he is ALIVE!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Shocking Days of our Lives Spoiler Video
Yes, we are not just saying this.  Days of our Lives have pulled out all the stops this November SWEEPS!  People are back, things are happening that you just never would have imagined.  

Eve is back
Since Eve is  back, does this mean we will be treated to her sister Theresa this November sweeps to sweep Brady off his feet? Eve is back, could Theresa be far behind?   

Check out the sneak peek video right here 


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Days of our Lives Halloween Week Spoilers and News

Halloween week on Days of our Lives 

The Widow Eve
Days of our Lives bring extreme tricks and treats.  So we know Hope gave Sami an address.  Sami, John, Marlena, Sonny and Paul travel to Memphis together.  It looks like they have entered Eric's farm house set, however this house is supposed to be a Halloween decorated house in Memphis, TN.  Does this mean the gang will run into Halloween Elvis?  Is the King alive and well in Memphis?

Lucas and imaginary Will
Lucas is not done imagining Will.  He shows up at the police station wasted.  Shouldn't the Chief of Police hold in for public intoxication?

Eve at the grave of Deimos
Eve shows up at Deimos's grave of Deimos.  If the viewers can think back about a year ago, Eve and Deimos got along quite well.  Could that have cause an alliance between Eve and Deimos when nobody was watching?  Could Eve be the widow of Deimos?  Does this cause Brady to go deeper into the darkness?  Does Eve start to wonder if her daughter is alive?  

Tripp is crushing on Claire 
Tripps feelings for Claire just seem to be getting stronger and stronger. Will this cause him to act out? Is Tripp mentally disturbed just like his mother? 

The 3 Musketeers 
Justin save Adrienne and reunites her with Sonny
Adrienne, Lucas and Justin head down to Memphis as well as they want to know about Will.  Everyone wants to know if Will is dead or alive. Next week will prove to be a lot of fun and a bit insane on Days of our Lives. 

General Hospital: Was Bobby and Andrew abused as children?

IS GENERAL HOSPITAL FEATURING CHILD ABUSE? BOBBY (FRANCO) AS A CHILD  Have Bobby & Andrew been abused?  Is that what both boys have...

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